How to Write a Scene. Part 2. The microcosm of a scene.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote part one of my scene structure series, which featured the large-scale structure of a scene. In brief, a scene followed by the sequel. See this link: How to Write a Scene – part 1. Large scale structure of a scene. This new article also relies heavily on Dwight […]

How to write a scene? Part 1. The large-scale structure of a scene.

Today I am looking at the large-scale structure of writing a scene. A dramatic scene, an opening scene, a middle scene – the structure remains the same. If you think of a story as a length of chain, you can imagine it is created of two basic links of building blocks: scene and sequel. The […]

NaNo Writing – Kickstart your blank page If you read my article on What is NaNo Writing Month? and the benefits and challenges and think you’re ready to give it a go, here are a few ways to actually start NaNo Writing. 1. Borrow a Plot What’s your favourite novel or movie? Okay. I am a huge fan of Stephen King […]

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