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Cheryl's STILL here... but I would really appreciate help.

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So far we have raised: US$90 towards our US$5,000 target. That’s 1% of the total.  Yippee!!

Or… skip this bit if you’d rather… no offense taken, and I’m still very grateful to have you on my website.
I’m trying to raise money for my cancer meds and treatments and to get my teeth fixed enough to eat properly (damaged by radiotherapy to my head). I would be so grateful for any help at all.


Cheryl has a BA in Performing Arts (1987) and a Master of Arts in Writing (2016). She was a full-time singer/director/actor from 1985 until she got breast cancer in 2004 when she focused on getting well. Not being able to perform left an abyss in her soul, but she filled it as best she could with returning to her love for writing.

In 2010 her cancer moved up to Stage 4 with bone metastases that cause severe pain. Although given a life expectancy of 2 to 5 years – 13 years later she is still learning, creating and doing as much as she can within significant limitations and now has cancer in her liver.


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