Professional Editing Service

Your work deserves to look as good as your original vision…

I love editing

I enjoy writing. I like working on the plot and I love developing characters and devising worlds. But more, I love reading.

Unfortunately, these days I am constantly disappointed by the quality of the articles and books available on the Internet.

You know the feeling – you’re engrossed in a fascinating blog post like this this. Wait? No!  Not “this, this”.

You stop and give them another chance but the mistakes keep coming. 

So you stop reading.


Unfortunately I can no longer edit full-length novels because of my cancer pain, But I love to help with website pages, blog posts, long-page advertisments and short essays.

I can help you say exactly what you mean to say while reinforcing YOUR style and YOUR voice.

 If you want to be an author, website owner or graduate student who turns in quality work that shows the vision you originally had – I can make that happen.
Want your work to look it's best?

Prices are reasonable and flexible. Line editing and grammar repairs.

Blog post or article up to 750 words – US $20

Short story up to 3,000 words AU$150

Please use the contact form to enquire.

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