Writing Prompts on “How to Write Emotions”

This week’s writing prompt video is directly related to the lesson I published called:

How to write emotions: Creating Character Emotions

In which I look at:
“Why is it sometimes hard to write emotion into a scene? We start writing what we know will be a strong scene but then we’re disappointed when the scene is not as powerful as we thought it would be. What went wrong?”

Published by Cheryl Brown

Cheryl is creatively passionate about writing, video, animation & music & brings her unique and different performance background & insights to all. She has a BA (Performing Arts -1987) and an MA (Writing - 2016). She was a full-time singer/director/actor from 1985 until she got breast cancer in 2004 when she focussed on getting well as she could no longer perform. In 2010 her cancer moved up to Stage 4 with bone metastases that cause severe pain. Although given a life expectancy of 2-5 years - ten years later she is still learning, creating and doing as much as she can within significant limitations. Every time they find something new, she starts a new university course, project or in this case, website, to reinforce to the universe that she's staying around for a long time yet.

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