Writing Prompts on “How to Write a Scene”

This week’s writing prompt video is directly related to the lesson I published called: How to write a scene? Part 1. The large-scale structure of a scene. This lesson goes into depth about scene construction scene –> sequel  | action –> reaction. These writing prompts will help you test out those theories.  

Genre writing prompts for stretching your writing skills

Quick Cue Writing prompts this week will have you writing in and out of your genre and stretching your writing skills. We’re all about genre writing prompts. Why genre? Because most of us prefer to read in one or two genres… not surprisingly, we tend to write in those same genres. Or maybe you don’t […]

Interesting Pictures for Writing Prompts

Especially for Character Writing I am a very visual person, so I discovered the use of images to represent my characters early on. Using interesting pictures for writing prompts is a great way to start my character’s journey. From looking at a picture, I could make all sorts of assumptions about my new character – and […]

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