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Affiliate Marketing Walkthrough of Influx – Step 2. Log in and follow the instructions

No video today because I don't want to give away too many of his secrets.

Are you looking to make extra money? Have you been getting ads promising you from $100 – $10,000 a day for little or no effort? Seen videos featuring beautiful men and women in expensive cars, taking off in private planes and going once around the Mediterranean in a $1,000,000 boat? Sounds too good to be true, huh. That's because it probably is.

This is Part Two of our Affiliate Marketing Walkthrough – Step 2. Log in and follow the instructions. If you missed Part 1 – find it here.

 So, if you log in to your Warrior Plus account – if you don't have an account – click on the link in your email again – and you'll find a new blue button to click to see your bonuses (if you got any). Have a bit of a look around, but beware of BUYING anything else!  They are supposed to be free gifts, so don't get carried away unless you REALLY want them.


Enough playing. Log into your influx account by pressing the green button “Access your software”. It took me to the make an account page again – but we did that already, so click on the small print “already a member? Login now” and your login screen opens.  I suggest you bookmark this for an easy return. Put in the details you used when you signed in and you get access to the program again.

Now we're back in the program. Joe invites us to a free Workshop – which may or may not be another selling opportunity for him. I'll go – and let you know later.  (Note added later: I attended the 1hour workshop because he promised a handout and the screenshots for FREE at the end. The 1 hour LIVE video was neither live nor 1 hour. It went for 2hrs 15minutes and I got nothing for the loss of my time.  The freebies never showed up. I'm very annoyed at myself and  can't believe I just kept watching.)

Also, we have the opportunity to join his partner Frankie's Facebook group and YouTube channel. I did both.  And, of course, I clicked on the download for Guy's $27K .Pdf guide. It takes you to a Facebook messenger page and you click Get Started at the bottom. A message pops up asking me to click on my email address below – and I did. There was some good information in this .pdf handout.

It is clear now that this is a video course on how to affiliate market for newbies. And that's cool for me because that's what I need!

Feed me, Seymour!

I clicked on the “Overview” button and was taken to Frankie's mindmap and his explanation of the basics.  I don't want to upload a screen shot here because it's sensitive information – just know that there was a bit of knowledge here I didn't know about, and the overview was good.

The next lesson titled “offers” – in part one Frankie gives up 3 affiliate offer sites to look up new offers. In part two of this lesson he shows us his preferred affiliate network, gives us the link to apply to get in, and says he knows the man who runs it and trusts him.  Good enough for me, so I sign up. He then takes us through the process of picking an offer and how to go through the sign up process and what to do next.

I signed up and listed Frankie's Influx course as my referrer. They said I would be approved or declined within 24 hours and gave me a link to the free support Facebook Group. I applied to join this as well and filled out a short questionaire and was told I'd be notified of my acceptance shortly.

(This is all beginning to remind me of school where I really was the last person picked for basketball).

I was also offered a “Solo Ads Click” deal but since it costs money and I'm not sure how it works – I opted for the free links along the top giving me a free course on how it works. More on those tomorrow when I've had a look.

Okay – my head is full for today so I'm stopping there ready for “landing pages” in the morning.  I'm going to go back and have a look at all the things I was offered today and try to make sense of them. 

Don't forget – if you want to join me – click on the picture below to buy Influx (cheap as chips) and we can work through it together. (And don't forget to wave your mouse around to get the 15% discount dropdown offer and only pay $7.95!!

The Secret Gurus Don’t Want You To Know: Case Study Shows How I Earn $100+ A Day By Getting Other People To Download FREE Products

It looks like my Bush cabin is getting closer every day! See you tomorrow…



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